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Welcome to CityBoysRUs Appliance repair!

We are the #1 place for appliance repair in the metro Atlanta general area. We have the skills and expertise to solve your appliance repair needs. By maintaining a lower overhead than other national retailer chains, we are able to provide better service, while saving you on repair cost. In addition to the reduced service call rates, we have very competitive repair rates.

Our low service and repair rate does not mean we sacrifice quality. Our repair service technicians are professional and extremely knowledgeable. You will not find a more complete appliance company. Just try us!




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You were prompt with service and the willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, to make sure it was done to my satisfaction... Donovan

CityBoysRUS was quick and the professionalism was awesome. I couldn't believe that I got that kind of service for the price and it was done right...
T. Denham

It was an excellent experience. You knew exactly what you were doing and the prices were GREAT!!! Doneta

Extremely professional, very efficient, reasonable in price, patient, and informative to the customer...
B. Simms

I was impressed of your professionalism and knowledge of the equipment. You diagnosed the problem within seconds and was finished in minutes. And stayed to verify the work was complete... Larry R.

These people are very professional, courteous, and reasonable...  John Russell

I was surprised I didn't have to get a new dryer. I was told by Sears that I needed a new dryer, and that it wasn't fixable. When you arrived, you examined my dryer and found it was fixable and the price was better than Sears. When you cleaned the dryer you did a more thorough job than Sears. I was very happy with your service. You were very accommodating and I was quickly back in service. You explained everything you were doing, which resulted in my dryer running better than before. I would recommend your service without hesitation...
John Mattinly

You were extremely professional from start to finish. The labor cost was right in the budget. To this day I am extremely satisfied and would recommend you to anyone. Lastly, my expectations were fulfilled in regards to timeliness... Tarah M.

Hello Curtis,
I want to take this time out to thank you for the service with my washer and dryer. I am sorry that I am not very quick with my response for actually getting on the computer is not a desire yet. Your service is the bomb. I am very well pleased that you are very prompt, proficient, courteous,respectful, trustworthy, cost efficient, accurate, and professional. Thanks so much for allowing me to know of your company and it was right on time. I am glad to pass on all referrals that come my way. Thanks again... Sincerely, Belinda A. McMillian

CityBoysRus work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The repair turnaround time was less than 24 hours. You followed up on work performed within 90 days to ensure my satisfaction. Keep up the professionalism and great work ethic!!! S.Rogers

I was fully satisfied on work with washer machine. Washer was down for 1 month. Prices were reasonable… M.L. Bradley

You did a good job and I'm satisfied with your work. If I need you in the future I'll call you… Freddie Coff

Very professional, fast service. Prompt and very good price…
T. Henderson

Once I got your number you came right away, and once you came you figured out what was wrong just as fast as you got here. You got the parts and the repair was so fast and quick no stress on our part at all. I will always keep your number close to me just in case anyone is having problems with their washer/dryer… Carl & Melinda

The service was affordable. You know what you’re doing. You came when you said you were coming. My dryer works better now than before you serviced it… Aaron S.

Cityboysrus was professional and friendly. They made the work look easy when it wasn't. After they fixed the problem I had, they called me up just for a follow up. They have earned my business for life. Thanks so much… D.Caine DJC

The service was impeccable, professional and courteous at all times. It was nice to have someone explain step by step what was wrong and how it was going to be fixed. The service is always done in a timely manner to fit any schedule. I will definitely recommend CityBoyRUs to all of my friends. T.C.

I had a great experience with CityBoysrus. They work fast and have good customer service… T.J